Books Published

Pebbles Pebbles in the country Pebbles Night Adventure

The  Pebble Books

Totally unlike the artwork that I went on to do The Pebbles series of children’s books were big bold illustrations using a character that was inspired by drawings my daughter Joanna did.Young children either seem to draw pin men or a character whose arms and legs protrude straight out of it’s head.So basically Pebble is a child’s drawing shape.
At the time in the early 1970s we lived at Swanage in Dorset and spent quite a lot of time on the beach so from there the rest just followed on. Their names,the plots and their adventures all inspired by Joanna’s drawings and our times on the beach.

The series started very unimaginatively with Meet the Pebbles and went on with
Pebbles Go to TownPebbles In the CountryPebbles Night Adventure and Pebbles go to Sea. They sold very well actually, many tens of thousands and things were looking very good for us, lots of interest in licencing the characters for toys,sweets etc. from major companies, when along came the miners strike and the three day week and the bottom fell out of publishing and every other business project that was in it’s infancy.

Years later I still see the books on Ebay and a lot of children must have gone to sleep having a Pebble story read to them

Following this publishing crisis and unable to stay in the place we were I went to work on aCheese book Somerset Cheddar Cheese making farm as it provided a roof over our heads and as one started work at 6 am or earlier I could be off at lunch time to working  for myself in the afternoon. I actually had a studio room on the farm above the room where they still made butter and patted it by hand  in rolls. It was there that I wrote Discovering Farmhouse Cheese a small pocket book paperback in the Discovering Series of books. Another title of mine that come up regularly now on Ebay

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