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Juniper Phase 4

To think that I only acquired this Juniper in February and above  is what it looked like in March after the first  drastic cut and now it looks like this. So it must be Phase 4 by now surely? Through … Continue reading

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Bonsai Progress July 2017

  My Bonsai Progress over the last six months or so.   Juniper Project  This is coming on a treat now, looking a bit better than it did not so long ago at the beginning of May, the High Nitrogen … Continue reading

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Springtime at Last

Prunus Incisa ‘Paean’ Purchased as a spindly nursery tree about four foot high February last year,cut down to about 9 inches, in training pot until n ow. One of the  magic moments of nature is the Spring as buds starts … Continue reading

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Bare rooted bonsai starters

Another blog mainly for my own tree progress record but someone else  might find it interesting  Always having to count the pennies involved in this hobby and not having the physical ability to go clambering over the moors and mountains … Continue reading

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