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Mainly Bonsai on a Budget

Acers Since  my last report showed some of  the more dramatic improvements in of my young trees  I have been looking at the log book of the rest of my trees. The Acer above and the group below are the … Continue reading

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Old Ones and New Ones

    I just didn’t think that I would be able to creep this big Wisteria bonsai into the garden without my Sue noticing and I was right.”Good Lord what’s that on the wall ? she asked as soon as … Continue reading

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My Anniversary Acer – a Progression

Having put up with me for fifty years this year my dear Wife Sue decided to mark the event by giving me a bonsai tree. Off I went then to the Swindon  Bonsai Society Show on 28th Feb, very handy that … Continue reading

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Spring colour

I know I have already posted a picture of this Acer my Wife has given me but the way it caught the sun today made me feel that spring is really here at last Bought at the recent Swindon Society … Continue reading

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Larches-Getting going & a couple of new purchases

Back in January I spent the vast sum of £9.44 on seven Larch hedging plants which came from Northern Ireland with some other bare rooted items and I am now beginning to get them organised as my bonsais of the future. … Continue reading

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Bonsai in the Black

Having seen some of the super bonsai photographs of Harry Harrington at Bonsai4me and that other bonsai guru Walter Pall I was really  impressed with the black background pictures which made the trees look quite magnificent. Not having the expensive studio equipment … Continue reading

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Looking Good

These three Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum set me back the grand sum of £10.50 last year at Morrison’s supermarket and the slab is my own home made effort see Slab Making. That cost me a small bag of kiln dried sand, some … Continue reading

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Acers in the Spring

Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum group planting on DIY slab Should look good in a few years time

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Acer Group Planting

So here is one of the trees from Morrisons as I bought it last year.And the progress photos     of the work ,planted in Tesco Lightweight low dust cat litter with a little peat mud around the edge in … Continue reading

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