Original watercolours that my be purchased via my website which has secure shopping facilities.

The size of the images on this site is limited in order to prevent pirate copying, more detailed images and information as always available from the artist

Autumn Tor
A view of Glastonbury Tor from a gateway on the Ridgeway at Ashcott near the artist’s home
Light Oak Frame   555 x 660 mm

Double mount, outer Ivory white, inner green,
mount window size 310 x 430 mm

Autumn Tor

Ayrshire Grazing

AyrshireFBThis Ayrshire was seen grazing in an orchard next to the church at Pylle
Light Oak frame 335  x 385 mm  Ivory White double mount,window 140  x 200 mm

Charity Farm
Barns beside the main road at Littleton between Street and Somerton.This painting though done some years ago has only now been placed on the market.The barns which were then partly ruined have now almost gone.

Gold Frame 680 x 830 mm. Charity Farm fBLOGDouble wash lined mount,window size405 x 565 mm

£1450 SOLD

 Childhood Memories

ChildhoodAs a child we used to visit very wealthy landowning friends of the family and I was intrigued by what went on through the doorway into the active farming and kitchen garden area beyond.

Gold Frame 530 mm 440 mm Double ivory wash lined mount, window size 300  x 235 mm

Curly Top
This study of a Hereford clearly shows the swirl of hair between the eyes. Now one farmingCurl;y Top Framedfb customer maintained that the position of this swirl, higher, or lower up the head indicated the animal’s temperament. good or bad. Sadly he could not remember which was which, a great help if you have just been trampled on by an heavty gurt great beast.Later after most customers had denied ever having heard of this folklore a client from Wiltshire said that every one knew that surely , the higher up the head the swirl, the more highly strung the animal.
Pale creamy gold frame size 500 x 560 mmDouble mount Extra thick Ivory white outer  mount with sepa inner mount,widow 265 x 325mm   £685

Mending Barrels
Barrels Framed Best2Marcus Govier at work at Lower Edgarley, at the foot of Glastonbury Tor  where he is getting ready for the new cider harvest

Wide light oak frame 500mm 550mm.Extra thick double mount outer Ivory white, inner sage green, window 255 x 315mm


The Open Gate

Cottage gate and doorway at Tintinhull nr Yeovil
Beautiful silvery pewter frame size 505 x 420 mm

Double mount, outer Ivory white, Open GateFBFramedinner Sepia ,
mount window 290 x 220mm


Picking Apples
Apple picking time in Marcus Govier’s cider orchard at Lower Edgarley at the foot of IMG_3195_editedGlastonbury  Tor
Light oak frame  470 x 410 mm.Ivory White double mount with green inner ,
mount widow, 255 x 200mm


The Ploughing Match
Fordson Major E27N at work.Seen at a New Forest Ploughing Match Bransgore near Ringwood.
Light oak frame 545 x 640 mm Double mount Ivory white out with blue inner, window 295 x 400mm.                                               £1550

PLmatch framed

The original painting that has sold many many thousands of copies as a card and printPoppies BLOG
Gold frame 445 x 510mm. Washlined double mount window 230 x 300mm

Sprakes Farm
Sprakes uprightFarmhouse at Milborne Wick near Sherborne
Light Oak frame  500 x 430mm Pale Ivory outer mount with Tan inner mount 265 x 205mm   £725

A Straight Furrow
Standard Fordson at work, seen at Mendip Ploughing Match
Light Oak frame 545 x 640 mm. Double mount, outer ivory whit,e inner green, window 295 x 400 mm  £1495

Straight FurrowBLOG

 The Cockerel
Light Oak frame  380 x 345mm Double mount.Pale Ivory outer Maroon inner,Cockerel framed
mount window 195 x 170mm  £245

The Geese are Out !
Geese are OutFBFramedCaptured in watercolour Mervyns geese when they got out into the flower garden
Light oak fame 445 x 510mm .Pale Ivory white outer mount with green inner ,window size 215 x 295mm                               £640

The Rascal
Study of a Hereford seen in meadows on South Moor between Street and Baltonsborough.Rascal FramedWeb
Handsome heavy antiqued gold frame 480 x 460mm.  Double mount extra thick white outer with sepia inner,window size 235 x 225mm  £655

Tintinhull Gardens
TintinhullA corner of the garden at Tintinhull House,National Trust nr Yeovil
Gold frame 505 x 425mm Double mount with washline ,window size 300 x 225mm


The Two Jerseys
Seen at Marcus Govier’s ,Lower Edgarley, at the foot of Glastonbury Tor.Two Jerseys
Light oak frame 385 x 445mm Double mount extra thick white outer, light oak colour inner,window size 185 x 260mm  


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