Auction Acquisition-A Hornbeam Progression

This year our Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club  held it’s second auction following the success of last year’s event, it was an entertaining  evening with the chance of some bargains in the waymy-hornbeam of all things bonsai. Much of that success was down to our auctioneer, Club President JohnTrott of Mendip Bonsai Studio, who endeavoured to extract every last possible pound from our pockets as much of the proceeds were to go to our club funds .

Sitting in the front row only a few feet from John’s table I felt it was my duty to get the bidding going with a opening bids to speed things up, well knowing that all the lots would eventually finish well beyond that first figure.

Well that was my intention and things went pretty well, that pregnant pause waiting for bids to start I nudged along a number of times and things moved rapidly on. Items soared away from my first modest bids and all was going well until John brought the Hornbeam (above) up as the next lot No147 and to my amazement there was only one bid beyond mine, I just thought there is no way I can let it go for that and waded in with a second  offer and found myself a few minutes later the owner of my first Hornbeam of any size.

In John’s sales pitch on this tree he had suggested that the lower branch could go and that with a bit more work it would make a really nice tree and that he always recommended Hornbeams  as good bonsai projects.

I am going to leave repotting until the spring but now after having looking at it for a few days I have trimmed it down a bit and am just considering whether to stop now or remove a little more.

The photos above show work done whereas the next photo (below) is a computer tweaked image for me to ponder on.


Hope I have done the right things so far



And this  photo (below right)shows a view from above so you can see where the branches have auction-hornbeam13been wired round, or out a bit, Hornbeams being notorious for growing back in on themselves.




Not a bad evening really,just looking forward to next year’s now.


About Michael Cooper

Bonsai enthusiast and artist. After recording the rural scene in watercolours for over thirty years and having my own studio gallery I am now semi retired. I still sell my prints though to customers worldwide via my website and through the Somerset Crafts Gallery, Avalon Marshes Centre,Westhay nr Glastonbury BA6 9TT. The rest of the time is spent looking after my bonsai trees, I like the exercise.
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