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Summer blossom

Pyracantha I have had this little Pyracantha (Firethorn) since 1987 when I bought it as garden centre stock,changed it from a more upright position to this almost semi cascade shape a few years ago, total height inc pot no more than 8 inches.Blossom … Continue reading

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My Bonsai

This is a link to My Bonsai Page on this site which covers my interest in these trees from my first seeing one in a book as a child, up to the present together with some modest thoughts on tree welfare and … Continue reading

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Silver Birch Bonsai does me proud

I acquired this tree as a seedling in a plastic coffee cup in 1987 with a few others sadly they have long since passed away, birches can suddenly go just like that, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that … Continue reading

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Where be that Blackbird to?

Where be that Blackbird to? I know where ‘e be, E be on my bonsai tree, And oi won’t be after ‘e. This is our very friendly Blackbird who comes to meet you when one goes into the garden and who … Continue reading

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