Badger Cottage

 Badger Cottage, Compton Dundon
Going through the files and came across this painting of Badger Cottage at Compton Dundon, which is  between Street and Somerton. It just looks so English doesn’t it? So peaceful,so sunny and so SunnyPlaceCardvery timeless, it just makes you feel good to look at it. Of course I am remembering the day I was actually there and unfortunately cannot capture the scents and sounds of nature in a cottage garden in watercolour, that’s a bit beyond my capabilities I’m afraid. 






This picture was used in my  Cooper’s Countryside greeting card series and by Salmons in a Coopers Countryside Callendar


About Michael Cooper

After recording the rural scene in watercolours for over thirty years and having run my own studio gallery for most of that time I am now semi retired.I am still selling my prints though to customers worldwide via my website and through my display at the Somerset Crafts Gallery at the Avalon Marshes Centre,Westhay nr Glastonbury BA6 9TT the rest of the time is spent looking after my bonsai trees, I like the exercise
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