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threshing time Mailchimp

Threshing Day’
Until fairly recently this farming task could be seen at Compton Dundon, between Street and Somerton, where the Wright family used to grow, stook, rick and thresh their own crops in order to obtain the the thatching straw for their thatching business which was founded in the 18th century.
Though the original was sold long ago some signed Limited Edition prints are still available

For over thirty years I recorded  the rural scene in my part of Somerset in highly detailed watercolours. Old barns, rusting tractors, the dwellings and livestock of the countryside were the inspiration for my paintings which were displayed in my own studio gallery, firstly in Crispin Hall and then later at Clarks Village the large outlet centre in Street.

Now semi retired, in that I can no longer execute the fine detail for which my work was best known, I still sell my prints and limited editions and licence the images for publication and now have the time to create my own blog.

The direct link to my Studio Website where all my prints may be seen with it’s shopping basket and secure card payment system is Michael Cooper’s Studio


Acer group 1

Since I am unable to paint now I have at least been able to spend more time looking after
my Bonsai trees which had been sorely neglected during my gallery years. I have joined the
Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club and with  advice there from some really experienced members have made some great improvements to my tree. It’s the exercise I like.

     Above,  Acer Kashima through the year

Crab apple

  Crab Apple in September-A Birthday present from my Wife Susan in 2016

This  Website and Blog
You will finds most of the happenings on the My Blog button above. That is where all the action is and where things are to be added to as they occur to me afresh or as I trawl the deepest recesses of my past memories, so feel free to explore.
Actually at my age it’s easier to remember those past events than it is today’s shopping list or where I left my keys.
The other buttons above are pretty self explanatory and the content of those pages is less topical and more informative about my background, career, work and interests.

Not that there is much to crow about.Cockerel WEB

All artwork images from drawing and paintings by Michael Cooper on this site  are copyright © Michael Cooper

The images above
Threshing Day , Glastonbury Tor seen from a lane near our house in Ashcott and The Cockerel available as Giclée Limited Editions from The Website

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